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Medical Care Away from Home
Moving to a new country can often make it difficult to obtain fast and high-quality medical care. Sometimes, you may need to ask a question and quickly receive an answer or advice, especially when it comes to childhood illnesses.
Are you unable to schedule an appointment with a doctor in the country where you currently reside?
Are you tired of long waiting lists for appointments when you need help right away?
Do you have trouble understanding what local doctors tell you and prescribe?
Are you unhappy with how your illness is being treated?
We Are Here to Assist You!
Our doctors, who are leading experts in their respective fields, are available to consult with you remotely. Some of them also left their home countries, but were able to bring
their knowledge and skills with them.

Submit a request now! Our coordinator will contact you and match you with a suitable doctor for your consultation.

The price for a consultation starts at $100 and may vary depending on the individual doctor. Your personal consultation fee will be provided to you.

Also, we can help with:
Vaccination plan
Decipher test results
Explain a genetic test
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Attention! Our service is not a substitute for emergency medical care or face-to-face medical appointments and is not affiliated with any clinic or insurance company. We provide an opportunity to communicate with a specialist, taking into account all the restrictions due to the specifics of online communication.
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